Nino Battista Caffè

The company

Nino Battista Caffè we have produced quality coffee for generations, with passion, care and devotion.

The coffee that we produce uses precious coffee beans that are carefully selected and chosen by us and imported directly from the best plantations in the world.


The products of our coffee roasting are regularly distributed in the provinces of Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Foggia, Taranto, Brindisi, Lecce, Matera and Potenza.
We are present in a wide range of product lines: beans, grinding, coffee pods and cartridges in bars, restaurants, cafés, hotels, grocery shops, supermarkets, homes and offices.

Our Mission

The main goal of our work is to continue and innovate a tradition, a passion: the passion for coffee.

With the skilful roasting of selected blends, we create a unique coffee, a signature coffee, which is part of the best tradition of the Italian espresso, taste in the world.

Our products

  • Offers for bars

    We have many coffee offers for cafés and bars, produced with careful roasting of selected blends.

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  • Family/business Blends

    The best blends for the home and for the office, for those who love coffee and want excellent coffee, to drink anywhere.

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  • Coffee Pods and Cartridges Blends

    Our coffee presented in coffee pods and cartridges, including a coffee machine with or without a free loan.

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  • Cofee liqueur

    Our liqueur is made from pure coffee, using Nino Battista coffee, created following a traditional recipe

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