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We have been devoted to coffee roasting for generations, for us coffee is a family tradition and a great passion, and for this reason we create and make available a true signature coffee, of which we are truly proud.

The coffee that Nino Battista creates uses precious coffee beans, carefully selected, chosen by us and imported directly from the best plantations in the world – from Central and South America, Africa and Asia. We select the varieties and blend them in order to bring to the market the emotion of a unique coffee, appreciated by connoisseurs, the most discerning palates.

In time our company has grown and has developed, keeping intact the traditional and artisan production (based on a special recipe, the culmination of the experience of many generations of roasters and the continual search for excellence) we also use modern engineering solutions that ensure a more reliable quality of coffee.

The production of quality coffee, roasted and blended, appearing in the different production lines, is looked after with every care possible. Our main interest is to make a good coffee, it is our passion and our work, but we do not forget the importance of the distribution services and customer care.

Coffee roasting

The birth of coffee roasting

The tradition of our coffee roasting has been handed down for four generations. The founder of the company is Nonno Antonino (Grandfather Antonino), who already in the first decade of the 1900s created a line of confectionary production, giving the foundation for the business of his son, Giuseppe Battista, father of Nino Battista, who dedicated himself to the importing of green coffee beans to be roasted.

In the post-war period, Giuseppe Battista began to sell roasted and ground coffee (initially using a small 5kg wood-fired roaster), and his café quickly became a landmark for anyone wishing to taste an excellent coffee.

In the 60s the consumption of coffee in public cafés and bars became a widespread phenomenon, and the company, steered by Nino Battista, assumed the place of leader within the sector in Puglia with its intricate blends.

Battista Nino Caffè srl was created, which takes its place in the market of Puglia as one of the best coffee roasters, with extraordinary success in terms of the quality of the product and the number of clients, and today, in its fourth generation, we carry on this tradition with great passion and commitment.

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