Our passion and our commitment: a unique coffee

The objective of our work is to create a coffee of excellence, produced in the framework of the best Italian tradition, a unique coffee, able to give emotion and pleasure to the drinker.

To achieve our goal, we choose the best batches of green coffee from carefully selected suppliers, with respect for those who cultivate it responsibly, and we control carefully every step, the blending, the roasting, the grinding and the packaging of the product.

In this way we can provide the best satisfaction to people who, like us, love coffee, and who drink it alone or with others, at a café, at work or at home – Battista coffee is excellent, always and anywhere.

Where does our coffee come from?

To make our coffee, we use the most precious and carefully selected coffee that grows in the best plantations in the world. The Nino Battista coffee comes from:

Central America: Where we choose the Arabica Htm Tournon variety in Costa Rica, the Arabica and Barahona variety in San Domingo and the Arabica Altura Mexico Street Hard Ground variety from Mexico, the Arabica Antigua Pastores and Robusta Washed varieties from Guatemala, the Arabica SHB Premium variety in El Salvador and the Arabica Supremo variety from Colombia.

South America: Brazil is the country of origin for the Arabica Santos and the Fancy Guaxupé Dulce varieties

Africa: We choose the AA Top variety from Kenya, the Robusta Monsonato variety from Congo and the Arabica Sidamo variety from Ethiopia.

Asia: We choose the Parchment Kapi Royale variety from India, for our prestigious Organic Line we choose the Flores Robusta Polished and the Mandheling Raja Gayo varieties from Sumatra.

Once we have chosen the variety, we blend and roast based on the recipes that come from our history, experience and passion, to bring to the palate of those who taste our coffee.

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